Download Acting Resume 2017 

Height 5’7”

Weight 120lbs

Auburn/Ginger Hair

Brown Eyes

Film & Television

An Accidental Zombie Named Ted
Nora: Psychiatrist (quirky)
Director: Anne Welles

Show Offs
Parsnip Power
Lucky Motel 6
Uncle Walt
Death Rattles
Mr. & Mrs. Smarts: A Perfect Morning
Just a Grand
Bless Me Father
Wherein Art Lies
Stuck in a Moment
Street Stars
Eve & the Bigger Apple
Sound of the Universe & Summertime

Amanda Heartfelt (Scientist/Superhero)
Botany Betty (superhero)
Sandra (frisky waitress)
Beverly (uptight wife)
Laura (drug addict)
Mrs. Smarts (sweet wife)
Becky (protective girlfriend)
Kelsy (regretful sinner)
Tanya (art curator)
Kara (sweet girlfriend)
Izzy (street artist)
Eve (rock n’ roller)

Third Culture Productions
Director, Frank Logan
Director, Lauren Muller
Director, IC & Kevin Janway
Director, IC & MK
Director, Marten Kayle
Director, Seth Koen
Director, John Gallaher
Sundance Participant
Director, Robert C. Roman
Red Bull TV
Third Culture Productions
Third Culture Productions
MTV Studios


All American Girl & The Scarlet Skunk
Peculiar Laughter
Last of Lilly
Shakespeare Monologue Festival
Evans Can Wait
Tres Salvages
King John
Mr. Hoops, Hoops & Ring of Fire
What Fools These Mortals Be
The Prisoner of Second Avenue

Heyna (Villain)
Kerry (frustrated fiancé)
Betsy (devoted mother)
Hermoine (majestic queen)
Alex (feisty director)
Karrie (adulterous girlfriend)
Blanche (sweet niece)
Carrie (frazzled actress)
Kylie (fiery goddess)
Laura (betrayed girlfriend)

Brick Theatre
June Havoc Theatre
Jackie Onassis Theatre
Chekhov Theatre
Theatre LAB
Cherry Pit Theatre
Shakespeare Saturday’s
The Producer’s Club
Rose’s Turn
Director, Marcus Gardley


Monologue Method
Acting Conservatory
Voice & Speech, Shakespeare
Lloyd Williamson Technique
Shakespeare Intensive
On-Camera Technique

The Actor’s Project NYC
Israel Savage, Liz Parish, Michael Coyne
Scotty Watson
Maggie Flannigan
Shane Ann Younts
Danille Liccardo
Mai Loughran
Ron Burns
Ali Farahnakian

Studios 150
IN Studios
IN Studios
Maggie Flannigan Studios
Group Coaching
Maggie Flannigan Studios
Maggie Flannigan Studios
Stella Adler Conservatory
Upright Citizens Brigade


Marymount Manhattan College, Communication Arts; School of Visual Arts, Filmmaking; NYU, Shakespeare/Voice & Speech for the Actor


Singer/Songwriter (Urban Pop, Folk, Rock, Pop), Dialects (New York, Southern, Indian, French, Irish, British, Valley Girl, American Standard), Beginner Guitar, Dance (Club, Improv, Modern), Sketch Writer, Dahn Mu Do (Korean Martial Arts), Tai Chi, Yoga, Athletics (Swimmer, Jogger, Hiking), Beginner Billiards, Illustrator, Painter, Holistic Healing, Indian Head Massage

Download  Acting Resume 2017