ANGRY MOVIE GUY  stars Charlie Zimmerman, an awkward film reviewer that chooses to become a sensational, verbally incontinent film critic, known as the "Angry Movie Guy" to achieve fame and success. At the height of Charlie's career his world is flipped up-side- down when his biting review, and explosive T.V. fit, threatens to destroy the career of Alexa, a fiery independent filmmaker with a take charge, no BS attitude.  Angry Movie Guy is anything but the usual rom-com. Audiences  will revel in this heart-warming Grinch-like personal redemption story as Charlie tries to move beyond his egocentric personality and win over his worst enemy.

Letters To Ganesha

Tagline: A Man in love is like a Puppet on a String. Letters to Ganesha is a romantic comedy indie-crossover film about Richie, a well-known American author struggling to overcome his writer's block and his long-time girlfriend, Katie who secretly pines for Richie to pop the big question. Katie seeks the advice of her yoga instructor and spiritual advisor, Askoka-Krsna, who guides Katie to travel to India during the Ganesha Festival and to lodge at the Lotus Ashram, where he once lived as a young boy. Katie follows the advice of her instructor and the lovebirds embark on an awesome adventure. However, the couple's trip is cut short when Richie has an unexpected visit from the elephant God. The transcendental experience leads to the couple's sudden departure from India. Back in America - Richie finally pops the question, but his ridiculous proposal sends his would-be bride running and Richie is left spiraling out of control. This light-hearted romance is a perfect balance between melancholy love and laugh-out-loud comedy.

Dr. Pookie and The Case of his Missing Thought

What’s a bear to do when his friends and neighbors dare to attack his reputation? You see it is most hurtful not to be appreciated,especially when you’re a lovely, charming, gorgeous hunk of a bear.  So when Dr. Pookie begins to receive unwanted attention in the local newspapers, he did what any intelligent, sophisticated, well-to-do bear would do.Dr. Pookie invited all of his friends and neighbors up to the tippy top of Bear Mountain for a lovely dinner party. After all, there is nothing more delightful than to be entertained by the most famous bear in the Little Royal Forest. In the children’s mystery adventure, Dr. Pookie and The Case of his Missing Thought, Dr. Pookie shares with his friends the exciting and curious tale of the time he lost his thought and the hilarious adventure that follows as he frantically searches for it. Join along with all the furry creatures in the Little Royal Forest as they search high and low for Dr. Pookie’s missing thought. Don’t miss out on a single silly moment! Visit Us!